Epic Verax!

Im am becoming a writer daily. I will keep writing and spreading the good word of wisdom and knowledge. I have so much to teach in so many ways of life. I have had over 200 job titles. I have worked 5 of the most dangerous jobs in the world. I have been in 27 countries and counting while going through 48 states in America, besides Alaska and Hawaii. I am full of knowledge which is dependent to our future of the generations to come. We have to pass down the truth along with our journey. My journey in life has been forced upon me hence my author name is Forèśt Destînē. I hope to be an inspiration to millions because i want people to know the truth. Truth is the only way our minds will be at peace. I will spread the love, of being one of the most open minded people you could ever have in your life. Lots of people have asked me why i dont have a radio show, or blogs, or write book, and its all coming together. Day in-day out, I put effort into all this through social media as well YouTube and through my voice of people I meet on a daily basis. I am slowly, but surely working on my books as well as my great photos I have in my collection of over 100,000 pictures. I hope to make picture books one day. I hope to see rote many books.  I hope you enjoy my blog and if any questions come to mind please comment, share and like my page. Cheers! hakuna matata